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Greetings all,
The next horn line rehearsal will be held on Saturday, April 24th, from 1-4 at Winchester Thurston School North Campus - 4225 Middle Rd, Allison Park PA 15101. If the drum line can make it, that would be great!  We are planning on doing the DuBois show/parade on June 12th.

We have some really great new music by some of our favorite arrangers and we've made some good progress.  There is some challenging music and some really fun music, in addition to some of our old standbys.

We've got a great new brass instructor, Elliott Ratliff, who is a jazz trombonist and musical educator. 

We will be working on Devil with the Blue Dress, Just a Gigolo, Polka, Emblem, America (Cooley version).  Continue working on Amen!

We need more people.  We need horns. Let's make Steel great again!  We have an outstanding color guard who have been working very hard, and am outstanding drum line.  Now let's get the horns to back them up.
Some of the songs we're playing are Amen by For King & Country and America (not our old The Beautiful)...

Come to rehearsal and bring a friend!

Bill & LuAnn Ringler


Saturday April 24, 2021 2-4 pm Horn line rehearsal/Parade Guard
Saturday May 1, 2021 - 1-4 pm Horn line rehearsal/Parade Guard
Saturday May 8, 2021 1-4 pm Horn line rehearsal/Parade Guard
Saturday May 15, 2021 1-4 pm horn line rehearsal/Parade Guard
Saturday May 22. 2021 1-4 pm horn line rehearsal/Parade Guard
Saturday May 29, 2021 - 1-4 pm horn line rehearsal/Parade Guard (tentative due to holiday weekend)
Saturday June 5, 2021- 1-4 pm horn line rehearsal/Parade Guard
Saturday June 12, 2021 DuBois show & parade Show starts at noon, parade at approx. 5
Saturday July 3, 2021 Warren PA show & parade
Sunday July 4, 2021 Brockway parade (no show) possibility
Music includes Amen, America (Cooley version), Fix You, Leave Your Hat On, Devil with the Blue Dress. Just a Gigolo, National Emblem and Pittsburgh Polka

Still looking for more members, come to rehearsal Saturday.

Be there, great new music!

Currently 2 SDCA Shows Scheduled.
DuBois June 12 - Concert and Parade
Warren July 3   - Concert and Parade

There are other events that won't commit until COVID clears up more.
We have Committed to having 24 People !

These Performances are for Brass Drum Line and Guard
Drum Line rehearsals are in Ohio and at WT North, Guard at WT North on Tuesday evenings.
Brass is a little behind schedule, every 2 weeks on Saturdays for Now.
We need to fill the Brass Section to make this work.

We have some new arrangements By Steve Cooley and Bob Menear plus some old SCA faithfuls to play.

Elliott Ratliff is our Brass Instructor
Gary Sweeney is our Percussion Instructor- Old SCA Percussion Guy
Loujaye McPherson is the Guard Instructor and Guard Show Designer
Chuck Lute is our Show Coordinator.

The plan for this 2021 is Alumni and A Corps Perform Together this summer.
We need way more young people to fill an A Corps.
Parades are where the money is.
We will still be using the Trailer for the guys that can't march anymore,
We will be doing trailer and marching units together for parades.

The Guard will do SDCA , A Corps and Indoor Winter Guard,(TOB, TRWEA), Parades and Concerts.
Drum Line will do SDCA and Indoor (TOB, TRWEA), Parades and Concerts.
Guard and Percussion have a good start, but Covid closed the winter season competition.

We need more people to fill this out in all sections.
We have a good start, just have to keep things growing.
The management is dedicated to make this happen.
It all cant happen this summer, but by next winter we hope to have a competition Guard and Percussion line happening.
By Next Spring hopefully, we will have enough Young Brass to put it all together for an A Corps.

That's the long range plan, need more people to make it work.

Jr. Corps Summer Camp

Register For Summer Camp Click
We will be having a summer camp for grades 8-12
during the week of June 21-26, 2021. 
Camp will be held from 9 am-2 pm Monday-Friday,
and there will be a Grand Finale performance on Saturday June 27th.
With the Steel City Ambassadors Alumni and the Northcoast Brass Company.
There will be Percussion, Brass & Colorguard classes. 
This will be held at Winchester Thurston School (555 Morewood Ave, Pgh 15213), Shadyside.  Saturday's performance time and location TBD. 
More information: Click


We will be doing some of the SDCA Shows
Pittsburgh (Shadyside) June 27, 2021 at WT Corps Camp with Northcoast.
DuBois - June 12, 2021
Warren - July 4, 2012
Philipsburg - July 11,2021


        All blacks. (Shirt, pants, shoes) for Now.

        Of course if weather is an issue PLEASE wear proper attire (coats, hats, gloves, etc.)


It is YOUR responsibility to print and PRACTICE your music BEFORE rehearsals.

All of our music will be available on the website.

 Please put in a binder and BRING A PENCIL to rehearsals!

National Emblem
Pittsburgh Polka
Plus some more for Parades


Last Update 4-20-2021

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